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Every Home Has a Story: 18 Jarvis Creek Way

Posted by Sarah on October 20, 2017
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EVERY home has a story. This blog couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as my childhood home in Sturbridge, MA will be going up for sale. My mom asked us to write some memories about the home and when I started doing so, I thought what a GREAT way to promote some of my new listings. I thought of all the Christmas parties, sleepovers, lazy snow days, birthday parties, pool parties, disobedient teenage years, my last night before going to college….the memories started flowing and it really hit home for me. 11 Allen Road will be going to someone else soon. It’s then that I Decided to blog and create meaning behind the houses I’m selling. A home is much more than a home; it’s where memories are made.

I originally went into Real Estate because I love people. I love meeting them, hearing their stories, hearing their adventures, and making their dreams come true by helping them buy or sell their home. Here are some memories that were made at 18 Jarvis Creek Way by the current owners Ashley and Garrett. Hopefully the new owners will create some memories of their very own!

“I will always remember 18 Jarvis Creek Way as the first home to our little black lab pup, Kiko! We have 2 dogs but acquired Kiko when a friend of ours found him in Savannah. He is the sweetest little thing ever (photos attached!) and 18 Jarvis Creek Way was his first home! Both puppies love sitting on the various patios watching the world go by. We too, love sitting on the back patio listening to the water fountain in the pond usually with music playing in the background and a glass of wine in hand. Another fond memory that I will always associate with 18 JCW is our engagement! Garrett proposed to me on a Tuesday night under the fireworks at Shelter Cove on our boat that’s docked there. I could barely sleep when we got home that evening and just kept staring at the sparkler on my left hand all night. I look forward to making new memories in a new house as husband and wife however, I hope that the next homeowners of 18 Jarvis Creek Way make as many fond memories in this house as we did”.


Every home has a story. What’s yours?

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